Avoid These 8 Tailored Suit Mistakes

Richard Thompson Tailored Suit

Whether you are a suit novice or someone who wears a sharply tailored suit every day, be sure to avoid these simple suit mistakes.

Showing too little or too much cuff

Too many people have too little or too much shirt cuff on display. We recommend not showing any more than half an inch of cuff. If you want to be spot on, the amount of cuff showing should match the amount of collar showing.

Wearing a belt and braces

Never wear both a belt and braces – choose one or the other!

Forgetting to match your accessories

Find the perfect pair of leather shoes and then match your belt, bag and watch strap to them for the ultimate clean-cut tailored suit ensemble.

Wearing shoes that clash

Matching your shoes to your tailored suit is a careful formula so listen up! Your options are:

  • Black Shoes = Grey, Blue or Black Suit
  • Brown Shoes = Blue Suit
  • Dark Brown Shoes = Navy Suit
  • Oxblood Shoes = Navy Suit

Tip: Never pair a brown shoe with a black tailored suit.

Samuel Windsor Shoes

Your tie reaches your knees

Always ensure that the end of your tie just touches your trouser waistband – believe us, people notice!

Tip: Your tie width should match the width of your lapel.

Richard Thompson Silk Tie

Keeping your vents closed

When you purchase a suit or coat off the rack, the vents will be stitched closed to hold the shape of the suit on the hanger. Before wearing the suit or coat, unstitch the vents with a small pair of scissors –it helps the movement of the suit, after all.

Not looking after your shoes

Scruffy, scuffed shoes draw attention – and not the good kind. Keep your shoes shined and scuff-free to ensure your look is clean-cut and professional.

Richard Thompson Tailored Suit

Forgetting about the season

Sweating profusely in your tailored suit is not a good look. Consider the time of year and dress appropriately. In the summer months, a lamb’s wool or mohair blend is a good option as the fabric is more breathable. In the winter, a flannel suit is a warm, stylish choice.

Stick to these guidelines and you will be ahead of the curve. No excuses!

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