Black-Tie Style: Get Your Look Spot On

Black-Tie by London tailor Richard Thompson

Dressing for a black-tie function has become somewhat of a formula, and that is where we come in. We have put together a quick guide to black-tie to ensure your black-tie style is spot on at your next event.

Choosing your fabric

As we are sure you already know, black wool is the conventional choice for a dinner jacket. However, midnight blue is fast growing alternative and currently one of our best-selling styles.

If you are attending a black-tie event during the warmer months, a lamb’s wool or mohair blend could be a better choice as the fabric is more breathable, helping to keep you comfortable throughout the event.

Which jacket?

The preferred option is a dinner jacket with ribbed or satin silk facings on a shawl collar, peaked lapel, or notched lapel. Our personal favourite? A dinner jacket with a satin silk shawl collar.

And the trousers?

Classic black trousers with a silk braid covering the outer seams are a must.

Cummerbund! What is a cummerbund?!

Easily forgotten, a cummerbund is a wide sash that sits on the waist and works as an alternative to a low-cut waistcoat.

Black-Tie by London tailor Richard Thompson

Choose a pleated shirt

When it comes to the shirt, we love classic style. A white dress shirt with a pleated front, double cuffs and a cutaway or winged standing collar is timeless. Do not forget to pick-up some subtle but elegant cufflinks to finish the look.

Tie that bow

A black silk bow tie is non-negotiable. Make sure it matches the lapel facings!

Which socks?

Classic black dress socks made from silk or wool are the preferred choice.

No trainers, right?

Definitely not! Get yourself some traditional patent black leather shoes or, for a contemporary finish, some polished or patent Oxford shoes.

If you have any other questions about dressing for black-tie, contact us.

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