Is there a Suit Tailors near me?

I require the attentions of a proper suit tailors near me! I don’t want ‘off the peg’ and a suit that fits ‘reasonable well’. I want a suit that’s designed and cut specifically for me.

In all likelihood there is! And, in all probability it’s a generic outlet crammed with off the peg suits, each thread representing a fine example of what can only, at best, be described as mediocracy.

is there a Bespoke Suit Tailors near me?

Furthermore, I’m looking for a bespoke tailor with some degree of panache, a quality craftsman with an eye to the minutest detail. The finished suit must feel as though it’s a part of me, an outer comfortable skin with stylish contours and that all illusive … je ne sais quoi.

At Exclusive Tailoring Richard Thompson’s, we have that je ne sais quoi!

The importance of being suited!

A bespoke suit created by us will ensure that one stands out from the crowd, a picture of confidence and class. First impression are lasting impressions. That’s why a suit is so very important, it’s a reflection of status, indeed a person’s whole persona. A suit speaks volumes as to a man’s confidence and screams ‘look at this guy, he’s at the top of his game!’

Looking good promotes feelings of wellbeing and self-assurance. And that’s why we insist on having suits made to only the highest specification. And that’s why at Richard Thompson we never compromise.

Richard Thompson, the tailor for the UK

People will wonder what the chances are of there being a suit tailors near them with such impeccable standards as Richard Thompson. All I can say is that, something worth having is never too far away!

There’s nowhere in the UK that cannot be reached within hours by air or automobile. So, ‘a tailors near me’, could be in Glasgow, Cardiff, London or Ashby de la Zouch; I am prepared to go the extra mile for that quality service!

I want personal service from a tailor with a spark of flamboyance and the deftness of a craftsman. I don’t want something cheap nor cheerful, I demand absolute quality and outstanding service. Are you of a like mind? If so then make your way to our shop in London! We are renowned tailors to the rich, famous, well-heeled and, indeed, many, many others with a penchant for fine suits.

Discover Richard Thompson of London!

Richard Thompson of London, a name synonymous with creative styling and top notch bespoke or made-to-measure tailoring. Richard has established one of the most regarded tailoring businesses in the UK; a business built upon experience, innovation and excellent service.

The customer is in danger of becoming overwhelmed with choice! You’ll be agog at the sight of the finest selection of fabrics designed and crafted by experts. There are stylish options for all tastes, ages and genders; from bridegrooms and office worker to top entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, your savvy Richard Thompson tailor will be on hand to help you make the right decision.

Location and appointments

Exclusive tailoring Richard Thompson’s business is situated midst the affluent and dynamic ambiance of London’s famous West End.

Due to its exclusive nature the business operates ‘by appointment only’. So you will need to follow the contact link at the top of the page to preserve your appointment.

Suit Tailors near me