The Legacy of Savile Row Suits in London

Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, central London. The street is best known by pop fans as the place where the Beatles had their office and where they played their last live performance from its rooftop. A famed concert in an iconic setting. However, for most, Savile Row is synonymous with ‘fashion’! Savile Row suits in london has established itself within the psyche of a nation; a street where the embryo of tailoring excellence was conceived. The most iconic period in Savile Road’s history was probably the sixties; which ushered in the rise of television and the pop culture. Anyone who was anyone had to be seen photographed and adored amidst the vibrant rainbow splendour of new found fashion.

Exclusive Tailoring’s Savile Row Suits in London

However, Savile Row tailors were there centuries before this sixties revolution; in fact the ‘Row’ was established in the eighteenth century specifically to cater for the requirements of the nobility and especially military officers. No longer were clothes cut from one piece of cloth, functionality was being replaced with tighter more stylish fits to compliment an individual’s body shape. The precision of bespoke tailoring became all the rage, suits became an extension of personality and a statement of status. In the eighteenth century you would have likely seen Beau Brummel strutting his stuff in Savile Row; in the sixties the street was awash with celebrities and the well-to-do from every corner of the globe. Not much has changed over the centuries; the creation of Savile Row suits in London raised the bar and spread the practice of bespoke tailoring worldwide.

The term ‘bespoke’ is said to have originated from Savile Row; ‘bespoke’ is taken to mean a suit cut and made entirely by hand to the highest standards. The demand for ‘bespoke’ has not diminished since it burst on to the London scene in the eighteenth century. Back then a military officer cut a fine figure in his exclusively designed uniform, today the industrialist, the banker, the celebrity, Lords and Ladies all want to present a similar dashing image to the eager-eyed world. Styles and tastes are continually changing, but never the demand for quality.

The legacy of Savile Row suits in London is undoubtedly the spread of bespoke skills away from this fashion centre. Good bespoke tailors can be found throughout the capital city, however excellent tailors are more difficult to track down. What makes for an excellent bespoke tailor?The answer is high quality meticulous craftsmanship tempered with a pinch of invention, flamboyance and an eye to contemporary trends. Bespoke tailoring requires the ‘eye’ and hand skills of a highly trained and innovative individual. And that’s why we here at Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson have such an outstanding portfolio and such an illustrious clientele.Wehas taken up the Savile Road baton of excellence and brought bespoke tailoring squarely into the twenty first century.Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson offer contemporary styling and panache that will ensure that we too will leave a bespoke tailoring legacy in London!
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