Pocket Squares: Your Complete Guide

Pocket Squares by London tailor Richard Thompson

Pockets squares are an affordable accessory for the modern man that can help to lift your made to measure suit or fully bespoke suit to the next level, and that is why you need to familiarise yourself with our quick guide to wearing a pocket square correctly.

A rookie error when choosing a pocket square is to choose one that matches the colour or your tie or your suit – wrong! Choose a pocket square with a colour or pattern that compliments the tone of your tie and suit, but do not match it. Pocket squares are a fantastic way to add a pop of detail or colour to an otherwise subtle ensemble so take advantage of it.

When you begin trying out pocket squares, you should try to build a small collection of classic, plain tones, including white, grey, blue, and burgundy.

Happy with your soft and subtle collection of essential pocket squares? Let the fun begin!

Now, you can be adventurous with prints and patterns. Start simple and opt for polka dot or check patterns, and work your way up to paisley, floral and other graphic prints, depending on the occasion.

Pocket Squares by London tailor Richard Thompson

Types of folds for pocket squares

Choosing a fold for your pocket square is a formula that you must strive to get right.

The Square Fold

A square fold is the simplest fold and is best for formal functions or meetings, including black-tie.

The One Point Fold

Leaving a triangular shape poking from your breast pocket, the one point fold is a little more interesting and is a standard choice for the office.

The Two Point Fold

Our personal favourite, the two-point fold looks almost like a flower peeking from your pocket and is great for both smart and casual occasions. In terms of style, a silk print is a great option.

The Crown Fold

One of the more complicated folds, the crown fold is for the advanced pocket square wearer and is, again, suitable for both smart and casual events.

The Casual Fold

Without a doubt, we are one for clean-cut finishes and the casual fold is far from that. However, the casual fold is a popular choice and gives your pocket square a lot of body, which works great if your pocket square is made from a patterned silk.

In addition to having us create your made to measure suit or fully bespoke suit, you can order a range of pocket squares directly from us, too. Shop online or contact us to view all the options.

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