The Best Made to Measure Suits London

The best made to measure suits London can be found right here on the Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson website! There’s no need to continue trawling the internet, your search for excellence is complete. You have arrived at the website for the premiere made-to-measure suit tailors in London; indeed, arguably, the best in the UK!
What, you may ask, is a made-to-measure suit? Well, there’s not an all embracing answer to that question; there are made-to-measure suits and there are Richard Thompson made-to-measure suits. Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson is an extraordinary tailoring business, one built upon craftsmanship, service and style. Our made-to-measure suits are not made, they are born out of a concept of genius. And that’s why so many stars and top executives flock to our doorstep. Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson, for the rich and famous, represents pure manna from heaven. Although our talents are not necessarily confined only as a prerogative of the wealthy elite. We have a portfolio that caters for a whole range of budgets; but never will we sacrifice our well-earned reputation by compromising on quality. Richard Thompson makes the best made to measure suits london. Quality, and great service have been the cornerstones of out tailoring success.
‘Made-to-measure’ means exactly what it says. The client is meticulously measured and a suit is created from a pre-existing pattern. It is a highly technical process, not one to be carried out by the uninitiated, nor faint of heart. The made-to-measure suit fabric is precision cut to the specific criteria calculated by the tailor; it really is a high tech specialist activity. The results are nothing short of stunning.The combination of the traditional tailor’s meticulous attentions and the wonders of futuristic-like technology is absolutely a liaison of wonder. Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson has taken traditional, hard earnt skills and married them with the twenty first century’s know-how. Our made-to-measure suits are testament to ourextraordinary innovative tailoring skills and comprehension of current trends and technological advancements. That’s why our exclusive tailoring services are among the best on offer anywhere! We pride ourselves on creating the very best made-to-measure suits in London.
Not to be underestimated, the fitting stage prior to the creation of any suit is a crucial one. Every client will receive personal one-to-one attention from a Richard Thompson expert tailor. Not only will all relevant measurements be taken but individuals will be invited to view thousands of examples of the fabrics, patterns and colours available. The whole first consultation process devotes meticulous time to fabric selection and body measurements.The suit is then made and the client asked to come back for a second fitting; at which point an expert eye will determine whether any minor adjustments are required for that absolute perfect finish. The suit, be that a two piece or a three piece, will typically be ready in approximately four weeks from the time of the first fitting consultation. Good things come to all who wait!

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