The Best Made to Measure Shirts London

The best made to measure shirts london can be found here in Goodge Street, in the West End under the illustrious Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson banner! It is often wrongly assumed that only suits are made-to-measure; no, no, no, a shirt is an integral part of the whole ensemble. Get the shirt-choice out of sync and the entire razor-sharp effect will more than likely diminish into the realm of mediocracy. Just think, all that judicious time wasted for the want of a decent shirt.Although, an elegant shirt does not necessarily have to accompany a suit; it can be worn in more casual circumstance and yet still deliver that message of style, status and personal confidence. The humble shirt has a surprising loud voice, make sure it’s sending out the right message!
Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson recognises the importance of a great made to measure shirts in london, we therefore offer an extensive range.

Made to measure shirts london

Made-to-measure suits are therefore not our only forte. So many times a well cut suit is let down by the presence of an off-the-peg generic shirt of random dimensions. A shirt is often the last piece of the tailoring jigsaw, the finishing touch. And, what’s more a made-to-measure shirt does not necessarily guarantee the perfection we should all seek; created by the wrong hands a made-to-measure shirt can prove unflattering or even downright ridiculous. It’s not all about the process, it who’s in control that’s more important!

Exclusive Tailoring’s Made to measure shirts London

As for the made-to-measure process itself, this does involve the use of precision machinery to cut the pattern as adapted by the tailor; at Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson we employ only the most up to date technology and the finest operatives; a complimentary blend of contemporary styling and technological skills.And that’s why our made-to-measure shirts are examples of beautiful contemporary styling with an absolute perfect fit to compliment the contours of all body shapes; never too tight, not too baggy, and always just right. What’s more there is a myriad of choice, with subtly different designs and colours, complimented by the cool elegance of only the best materials;in this instance luxurious two fold cotton fabrics.
The use of two fold cotton gives a shirt a superior smoother and silkier finishthan cotton spun from a single thread. The use of two fold cotton is therefore more prevalent in the manufacture of superior quality shirts. These fabrics look stunning, they more easily model the body’s contours and provide additionalbreathability, thus bestowing extra panache and comfort inone hit. Our made-to-measure shirts all profit from that extra pizazz brought to the table courtesy of a combination of experience, innovative contemporary design and use of only the finest fabrics.
There’s little doubt, Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson creates the best made-to-measure shirts in London!

made to measure shirts london