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A dinner suit has risen in status from its early conception as a casual alternative to the showier evening wear that was trending in the mid-eighteenth century. The made to measure dinner suits london was intended as a substitute garment to be worn at lesser important and smaller events. The dinner jacket had a much shorter cut and was seen as a more practical option to the then popular, although restrictive, long frock style jackets and morning coats.

However, the dinner suit was never intended to replace the longer frock or morning coat, however the new styled more comfortable suit allowed for greater freedom of movement, appreciated particularly by gentry partaking in their ever growing list of outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, the dinner suit grew quickly in popularity; gradually it became less regarded as a casual alternative and more mainstream as the suit for all prestigious occasions. The made to measure dinner suit london today maintains its position as the most formal style of dress.As a typical example of this classic attire just check out the iconic images of our very own James Bond! I digress.

Made to measure Dinner Suits London:

As one would expect, the dinner suit evolved through the innovative talents of those remarkable tailors that began to proliferate our London streets, most notably, Savile Row. Made to measure dinner suits in London were regarded in high esteem throughout the planet, the dinner suit phenomena soon conquered the whole world of etiquette and good taste.

The dinner suit is known by many other names including, black tie suit, DJ’s (dinner jacket) and in the USA, tuxedo. Call it what you like, the dinner suit has brought a touch of sparkle and class to generations of prestigious events. DJ’s are the expected standard of dress for all formal occasions; no self-respecting celebrity or high flying executive would be seen in attendance wearing anything else.Although it is fair to point out that the long-tails and top hats still do turn out rarely at some extraordinary prestigious occasions, and that’s usually a Royal affair!

Best Dinner Suits in London:

The very best dinner suits are either made-to-measure or bespoke finished. There is a difference between the two, made-to-measure suits are cut from existing patterns whilst a bespoke suit is entirely handmade from a new and unique pattern. Both processes require the experienced hands and eye of a tailoring expert. A suit is only ever as good as the materials used and the skills employed in its creation. The best made to measure dinner suits London were, and still are, produced by the finest tailors using only the finest fabrics.


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