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No longer are clothes purely functional, providing warmth and protecting modesty, clothes are now fashion statements, a projection of an individual’s perceived self. This applies particularly to the ever popular suit, which, more than any other garment, is seen as an expression of one’s individuality and status. Made-to-measure London suit tailoring and bespoke suits, in particular, exemplify this concept of expression by offering superb quality and unique styling; these meticulous techniques have raised the tailoring bar of excellence.

The true birth of bespoke suit tailoring in London is generally, with some justification, claimed to be the ‘child’ of Lady Dorothy Savile. For it was she, who, in the eighteenth century, gave her name to the iconic street Savile Row! The row was originally built to house the gentry, usually military officers who were most determined to maintain and project a dashing appearance. So it was that Savile Row soon received the accolade as being ‘the golden mile of tailoring’. The concept of fashion had well and truly arrived in the UK!

Exclusive Tailoring’s London Suit Tailoring:

From that point on tailoring in London flourished, the gallant gentry demanded the best and so it was that bespoke suit tailoring in London began to spread.  London suit tailoring remains the envy of the world, whilst we, at Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson, are the current-day envy of London!

We have stood on the shoulders of giants and taken on board all those fabulous tailoring skills that have been honed over centuries. We cater for the gentry, the rich, the famous and the savvy snappy dresser. Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson’s offers the complete tailoring experience; high-quality craftsmanship coupled with innovative contemporary styling. And it is this acknowledgment of the feats of past masters and the ever-changing trends that ensures Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson is among the very best of the best when it comes to London tailoring.

Bespoke London Suit Tailoring:

Bespoke tailoring is, in essence, an art, it involves almost scientific precision combined with more than a dash of inspiration. London suit tailoring is blessed with many competent craftsmen but few can match the standards set by our own Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson. Richard sets extremely high standards, his designs are original, thoughtful and radiate sheer class! There is no compromise, Richard will only use the finest fabrics sourced from such renowned cloth houses as Holland and Sherry, Scabal, and Loro Piana. High-class establishments that deal only with the most prestigious tailors.

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The standard of London suit tailoring is inevitable trailing in the wake of Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson. Our shop and office in Goodge Street, London W1T 2QG provide a welcome haven from the madding activities of the West End. The atmosphere for a fitting is absolutely on a one-to-one basis, with no interruptions or intrusive noise pollution from extraneous chatter or combustion engines. This is a space reserved solely for consultation and creation! And it’s not just suits! The whole assembly is available, from made-to-measure shirts to bowties and pocket squares!

To experience the best of the best in London suit tailoring, browse this website, see the range, become inspired and then … book an appointment with us at Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson!

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