Made to Measure Suits for the Big or Tall Man

Made to measure suits by London tailor Richard Thompson

If you are a bigger or taller gentleman, you might have no other option than to purchase made to measure suits, but not to worry! It’s a blessing in disguise – we promise.

As a prominent London tailor, we have put together a quick guide to dressing for your generous physique.

The Fit

A slim fit suit looks great, especially if you are a taller dandy. However, if you have a bit of a belly, we would recommend choosing a fit with a still tailored but straighter silhouette to avoid pull and accentuation of areas of your body where the fabric is being stretched.

If you are opting for a single-breasted suit, a nifty trick is to choose a suit with one button instead of two. A single button will be placed lower on the jacket to create a longer “V” shape, which will play a part in a bit of trickery – drawing the eye down the body rather than focusing on the width. Overall, you will look that little bit slimmer.

The great thing about a made to measure suits or bespoke suits is that they ensure your trouser length is spot on. When pressed, the creases should sit flat which will, again, draw the eyes downwards.

Made to measure suits by London tailor Richard Thompson

The Fabric

If you are conscious about your size, avoid thicker fabrics that will add even more width to your figure. Flannels and worsted wools, although perfect for the winter months, will give your suit a chunkier silhouette, which won’t do your figure any favours.

Classic fabrics that are suitable for year-round wear and will prevent any extra attention being drawn to your waistline include herringbones and light twills, which are both timeless.

The Colour

Colour is a science and can make or break your suit, so be careful!

If you like patterned made to measure suits, choose pinstripes to draw the eyes up the body. Large checks will make you look wider so, if you’re set on a check pattern, choose tiny squares. Polka dots are a safe option, too.

Do not wear loud prints or vibrant colours as they will emphasise your larger figure – stay conservative!

If you want to trick people into thinking you have hit the gym, made to measure suits in darker colours are always the preferred option.

If you have any other questions about how to dress for your bigger or taller figure, contact us.

If you would like us to create your made to measure suits, book your appointment.

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