Finding the Best Wedding Suits Tailor London

The history of weddings dates back to medieval times, exactly when the first couple got hitched is not clear. Weddings were often drunken and raucous affairs with much drinking, singing and dancing into the early hours. The bride and groom donned their smartest glad rags and held centre stage. How much has changed over the centuries? The wedding experience has perhaps become more refined, a little more structured and a little more formalized. Although, in truth not a lot has changed, a wedding is still a joyous social occasion with ample merriment and an opportunity for guest to show off their finest threads. Richard Thompson is the best wedding suits tailor london area.

Naturally, the day belongs primarily to the bride, groom and entourage of family and close friends. Clothing styles have changed but there’s one wedding tradition that has not! The unwritten code of dress. A wedding is still an occasion, an excuse, to parade those glad rags; perhaps a beautiful white dress for the bride and definitely a razor sharp three piece suit for the handsome groom. It’s a time to show off, to look happy, confident and proud; a smartly tailored suit is a symbol of well being and status.

The suit, since its Savile Row conception some two hundred years ago, has become an iconic form of men’s dress throughout the world! A snappy suit sends out messages, it tells a story about the wearer; here’s someone who has style, panache and good judgement, an assertive individual with focus and personal magnetism. A well-made wedding suit likewise reflects upon the esteem of the bride, family and friends; they’ll take great pride in being associated with a man of such great taste and potential.

As mentioned previously, the iconic suit first drew breath in our own capital city, London. And London remains at the helm when it comes to the finest tailoring. Finding the best wedding suits tailor London is not really much of a challenge; Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson is one of the finest tailoring businesses in the city, located in this wonderful cauldron known as the West End. And, it’s no exaggeration to describe him as the best;Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson has been creating wonderfully styled contemporary suits for well over a decade. With such a wide choice in fabrics and design there’s a suit, waiting in embryo, for any occasion; especially a wedding!

Wedding suits (not forgetting the best man and the rest of the bridal party) will need to be styled and coordinated with the colour themes of the day.Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson employs only specialists able to create exactly what the customer desires, without, often, a very detailed brief. To become the best wedding suits tailor London,the business founder, Richard, has, not only mastered the craft of tailoring but has also infused his own personal je ne sais quoi into the process. His skills are legendary and his advice always helpful and inspirational.

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