Finding the best Bespoke Tailor Shop in London

A bespoke tailor is a craftsman, a tailor able to produce a new suit that’s exclusively hand-made. A bespoke suit is made from an entirely new and original pattern, making it a unique one-off suit cut precisely to the physique and requirements of a particular individual.A bespoke suit, created by an accomplished tailor, is much akin to a masterpiece of art; designed and cut not to just simply fit but also to heighten and compliment the client’s stature. A delicate and subtle skill that only comes through experience and more than a modicum of natural talent, Exclusive alteration is the best bespoke tailor shop in London

Is bespoke the same as ‘made-to-measure?’In short, no! Although ‘made-to-measure’ is very much a specialist tailoring service. Many bespoke tailors will also offer a ‘made-to-measure’ option. This process usually involves use of an existing pattern and machine cutting. Again, undertaken by an expert, the results can be quite stunning, although not entirely unique.Undoubtedly, a bespoke service will be the preference for professionals and those who wish to make the sharpest eye-catching impressions. And where better to go than Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson?

Bespoke Tailor Shop in London

No matter where you live, finding a tailor shop is not too difficult; however finding an experienced bespoke tailor, well that a whole different kettle of fish!

To locate the best tailor shop in London you will need to filter the wheat from the chaff. There’s a range of good, mediocre and bad bespoke tailors in the capital city.However, you don’t want to settle for any bespoke tailor that’s less than excellent!

Our Vision:

So, come here to Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson; the premises can be found nestling among the hustle and bustle of London’s West End. A peaceful sanctuary amidst all that wonderful chaos. Richard Thompson established this remarkable business in 2004! It was his vision to establish a tailoring business of the highest order. The business’s reputation is well known within the industry. And, what a reputation Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson has! His bespoke suits are to be seen adorning the frames of many well-known entrepreneurs and celebrities. It’s little wonder that Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson is now the best bespoke tailor shop in London and … beyond!

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The company’s outstanding portfolio is bursting with magnificent creations; something appropriate and sharp for all tastes and occasions. Take the time to browse this site, here you will find an extraordinary array of choice and more than a little inspiration.See the outstanding range of fabrics, suits, shirts and accessories. This site is user-friendly and clearly outlines all available tailoring options. Furthermore check out examples of work and peruse a string impressive testimonials, including one from Lord Sugar.


As you can imagine, Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson is an extremely popular business, therefore remember, it’s ‘by appointment only’.


Bespoke tailor shop in london