Bespoke Suits in London

We live in a world of mass production, our cars our food and our clothes are churned out by the tons and millions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, although, sadly much of what we consume is disposable and all too often of second-rate quality. Mass production determines consumer choice and lowers quality in pursuit of higher turnovers and bulging corporate profits. The needs of the individual are jettisoned at the behest of a capitalist system hell bent on catering for the many and not the few.Exclusive tailoring offers best bespoke suits in london

Fortunately the tailoring industry adds some balance and symmetry to this seemingly chaotic system; the tailoring business takes total interest in the individual requirements of its clientele. And this is especially evident in the bespoke suits in london services to which many tailors subscribe.

We, at Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson, pride ourselves upon a philosophy of customer first and customer last!Our founder, Richard Thompson,has built this incredible business upon a foundation of outstanding personal service and superb craftsmanship.We offer incredible service and undoubtedly make the best bespoke suits in London. Our dedication to this aim is unwavering, high standards, both ethical and professional have permeated through to the very DNA of the business. Every suit created by Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson has received personal attention and creative input. Our standards are so very, very high; and unsurpassed. Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson deserves the accolade of the best tailor for best bespoke suits in London!

Best Bespoke Suits in London

A bespoke suit is one sewn by hand and cut from an original pattern. The finished suit is therefore unique to that particular customer. The pattern can be stored and accessed for future cuts or reference. A bespoke service pays precision attention to each customers build, from neck shape, leg length to hip, rump and chest contours. A thorough ‘picture’ of the client’s posture and stature is established through these measurements and assessments.

Furthermore, the importance of using only quality fabrics cannot be over-stressed. Here at Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thomaswe use only the finest cloths, from renowned cloth houses in Britain and Italy. The use of top quality fabrics undoubtedlybrings an extra sharp-factor to the table, the finished masterpiece is elevated toa whole new level of excellence!Creating the perfect bespoke suit takes time. We, recognise the need for great care and diligence. Rome was not built in a day and nor are our bespoke suits in london. The whole process will take up to eight weeks! That will include three fitting sessions; during which time the suit is fine-tuned. The initial ‘suit’ produced is an incomplete work in progress; from thereon adjustments are made to the drape and overall fit. After this painstaking and meticulous scrutiny the finished suit will be ready after the third fitting. The work of art is finally ready to go on display! All that patience, dedication and hard work has paid rich dividends.

And that’s why Exclusive Tailoring by Richard Thompson is the best bespoke suits in London!

bespoke suits in london