Caring For Your Bespoke Suit

With prices for a fully bespoke suit starting at £2,000, it is important to look after your suit from the first wear to ensure it lasts as long as it possibly can, looking as great as it possibly can.

Just like a new pair of shoes, a bespoke suit will gradually break-in as you wear it, moulding to the shape of your body.

When your bespoke suit is complete, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Change it up

A bespoke suit is not for everyday wear. Wearing your bespoke suit every day will wear it out quickly. If you are wearing suits regularly, it is important to alternate between suits. You will absolutely love your bespoke suit and will want to wear it every day, but refrain!

Give your suit a break between wears to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Store it properly

If possible, when you are not wearing your suit it is best to store it in a garment bag, hung up in the wardrobe. Moths can be an issue so we recommend using a natural deterrent such as cedar wood or lavender to keep your suit, as well as your other clothes, fresh and damage-free.

Wash as little as possible

For men, this is music to our ears!

Bespoke suits are dry-clean-only, however, you should try and have your suit dry cleaned as little as possible, as the chemicals used will strip the natural oils found in the wool, making your suit more susceptible to damage.

Do not dry clean your suit any more than two to three times a year. If your suit needs to be cleaned more often, ask your dry cleaner to ‘spot clean’ any marks.

Press your suit

You should press your suit regularly to keep it looking top-notch. If you are unsure how to press your suit yourself, your dry cleaner will be able to do this for you.

Brush your suit

Because you are not having your bespoke suit dry cleaned regularly, you should brush your suit to keep it looking sharp. Brushing removes any dust and dirt and helps to redistribute the natural oils in the wool.

We recommend using a pure bristle brush, such as this one from Kent Brushes.

Refork your suit

If you wear suits regularly, you will be aware that, after some time, parts of the suit may wear down and require reforking. The crotch is usually the first area to wear. When this happens, you can have a new piece of cloth stitched into your trousers to ‘refork’ them.

If you would like us to refork or repair any part of your suit – or if you have any further questions about caring for your suit – you can contact us directly.

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